Thermal analysis and management of multi-core systems

William Fornaciari

Presentation title

Thermal analysis and management of multi-core systems


William Fornaciari


Politecnico di milano - DEIB

Presentation type

Technical presentation


Since a few years, the value of multi-core architecture is taken into account also for embedded applications. The goal of this presentation is threefold: i) to describe the main issues in modeling the thermal transient of multi-core chips; ii) to present a low overhead event-based control strategy (and the related hw/sw architecture), capable to deal with the occurring of hot-spots; iii) to show how these type of solutions can be integrated in a run-time resource manager.

Part of the presented results are the foreground of the FP7-HARPA, H2020-MANGO and H2020-M2DC EU-funded projects.

Additional material

  • Presentation slides: [pdf]