Minerva Systems

Marco Solieri, Andrea Bastoni, Donato Ferraro
Minerva Systems S.r.l.

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Minerva Systems


Marco Solieri
Minerva Systems S.r.l.
Andrea Bastoni
Minerva Systems S.r.l.
Donato Ferraro
Minerva Systems S.r.l.

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Presentation of a company involved in the Embedded Systems business


Minerva Systems designs and develops embedded system software and development tools enabling future autonomous systems. The main challenge is to industrialise the system software stack quality for high performance, real-time and safety, as well as to engineer the software process in order to enable large-scale rapidly evolving production. Minerva solutions' optimised design and simplified deployment enable construction of predictable, multiple-criticality AI-based applications exploiting the next generation of high-performance embedded computers.

Minerva Systems is a startup founded at the end of 2021, spinoff of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. It operates in Modena (IT) and Munich (DE) with a fast growing team currently counting a dozen employees. The company is lead by senior software architects and researchers active in the avionic and automotive domains, and relies on a scientific advisory board composed by renowned professors of the real-time systems community.

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